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What's preventing India's youth from entrepreneurship?
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There are so many reasons that are preventing India's youth from entrepreneurship:

Like in India it is considered 'one job in one life' concept specially government job. People are not so western here so they are afraid to start any startup. Due to high unemployment rate and money issues youngsters do not want to take any risks. Indian parents are also possessive about their children. They take the decision of their children's future like what they should persue and what will better for their career. Youth is not self dependent in our country. We, Indians, since childhood are not taught to take risks because failure is considered to be the ultimate sin one could commit as per the traditional beliefs.

  • Staying away from discussions related to money: Wealth-making (Dhanda) is considered as a negative term. It is good to earn respect, legacy and fame. But for money, it’s a big NO. Money-matters are never ‘a dining-table discussion’. Parents want their children to stay away from monetary discussions from childhood until youth. So, an Indian child never learns anything about setting a budget, expenditure, extra sources for income, setting-up a business, etc.
  • Lack of knowledge (of the people of the society): Even if they somehow manage to settle a small company and distribute shares, no Indian buys that. First, again the fear of failure of the buyers. Second, more than 90% of Indians don't know what a ‘share’ is. So, the company collapses.
  • Lack of respect: The... (More)