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Puru BhatnagarTop Contributor
Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Business developer, Marketer

Walmart, leader in retail market segment sell almost everything, it has a revenue of $485 billion in year 2015.

Even if you wish to buy some used furniture you can find many amazing deals and offer in Walmart.

Walmart was recently in news as it has made deal with Flipkart and acquired it, which was one of the biggest acquisition of that year.

All over the world Walmart has around 11000 stores in 27 countries with about 2.2 millions employees and that make Walmart one of the biggest employer in the world.

Walmart operate through 3 business segments which include Walmart U.S., Walmart International and Sam's club .

The company has different types of retail format through which it made their products available to the customers.

Walmart has basically 3 pillars on which it lead the retail segment market, further its EDLC and EDLP strategy gives a tough challenge to its competitors.

  1. If we talk about first pillar which is Lead on Price strategy as the name suggest the company tries to lead on price, they focus on supplies which proves to be the big cost reduction for them.
  2. The next strategy or pillar is they make investment to make their customers satisfied and happy.
  3. They try to match the demand of the local market needs, and that a reason why they have a large varieties across physical and digital channels.

Walmart earn through two methods one is through product and other is through the services provided by it, if... (More)

Walmart business model




Walmart Inc. is one of the biggest branded multinational retail chain. It is an American branded company which works or operates in different countries giving the service of department stores, grocery stores and supermarkets in a very discounted pricing. It has spread it's services in over 27 countries. It has also acquired Flipkart in $16 billion and this deal is considered as the biggest deal in the field of e-commerce in the whole world.


Walmart works on a interesting unique selling proposition (USP) i.e. providing products at a cheaper and the best rate to the consumer than what is available in the markets in the retailer shops. Walmart is able to sell the products on such an interesting price as they excludes or in other words eliminates the middle man from in all the distribution chain i.e. all the distribution channels in business and so is able to provides benefits to their consumers by providing them the products and other commodities  and services with the lowest and best prices, which makes them best in their business.

Prakhar SharmaTop Contributor
Social media marketer, Content Writer

In 1992, President George W. Bush Jr. rewarded Sam Walton with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, one of the nation’s top honors. “Sam Walton was an original American who represented the entrepreneurial spirit and epitomized The American dream, said Mr. Bush.

The success story of Wal-Mart initiated with a humble beginning of a small grocery store with a small investment of 6000 dollars of personal savings by Sam and Helen, his wife, and money borrowed from family members which all together supported in the accomplishment of a giant Wal-Mart Supermarket chain of net worth over $ 320 billion.

Sam Walton (Full name Samuel Moore Walton) was born on March 29 in 1918 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. His father, Tom, was a Farmer. From childhood only, Sam was a hard worker. In 1942, at the age of 24, he got the opportunity to serve in the military. He married Helen Robson in the year 1943. After retirement from service in 1945, Sam and Helen shifted to Iowa and then to Newport, Arkansas. By this time, Sam gained early retail experience, over time managing his variety store for 15 years in small towns.

The Wal-Mart opening was truly done on July 2, 1962, in Rogers, Arkansas. Forbes gave Sam Walton the ranking of the wealthiest person in the United States from 1982 to 1988. He died due to bone cancer in April 1992, by then he had 1,960 Wal-Mart stores, employed 380,000 people and observed annual sales of around... (More)