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vending machine
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vending machine is a machine which dispense ls items like chocolate , candy ,beverages , snacks to the customers automatically when he inserts cash into it . it helps to sell products to customers without the help of salesman . it is generally used in market places, shopping malls, airports etc. some advantages of vending machine that an entrepreneur should know about vending machine are :

  1.  well programmed and attractive design of vending machine helps to allure customer to make a purchase so it helps not only in generating sales but also acts as marketing tool for entrepreneurs and marketers .
  2. initial cost of installing machine can be high but its running cost is low so it makes it cost effective method to sell products 

 with these ,the following are some factors an entrepreneur should consider regarding vending machine are :

  1. there is a need of customer support services that can help guide people to use vending machine and make purchases.
  2. there will always be  need to repair and maintening the  machine.