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So many questions may have arisen in your mind after viewing the image. 1. If we're making money to have fun, why should I not order from Zomato or Swiggy? 2. Who offers a 12.5 percent return on investment? 3. Why bother your family members with preparing food for you every day? These are valid questions, but 1. Yes, we all make money to have fun. Eating out on a daily basis is unhealthy. We all crave for tasty food, and to meet our expectations, restaurant owners use a variety of ingredients without considering the consequences. If you enjoy Chinese food (as I do), eating it frequently can raise your blood pressure, leading to a variety of heart complications. Do you still believe in ordering from restaurants every day? Nobody is stopping you from ordering food. 2. Okay, I understand that you may not be able to get 12.5 percent easily, but index funds may help. What I'm thinking is that Kritesh Abhishek came up with a figure of 12.5 percent to make the final amount look significant. As the amount is 1.03 crore. This appears to be a large figure in order to make you believe that saving even a small amount has a large impact. Though the value of 1.03 crore will not be the same due to inflation, you still have some money, right? So it's up to you whether you want to save and invest or spend it all. It is not necessary to save all... (More)
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100,000 INR per month is the dream income for 98% of the Indians

This makes people look out for moving abroad and earning in Dollars.

How much is that? - $1500 only (and this keeps you away from your family and
loved ones)

So, if you are someone

1. Who is an expert in your vertical.

2. Spent 4-8 years or above in the corporate world.

3. Having a CTC between 8 lakhs to 50 lakhs per annum.

4. You already know this may not go any far for you in the corporate world.

What If you can earn 200,000 - 500,000 INR/month in India itself and build your
own lifestyle the way you want?

PS: It is not easy, it is doable. It takes 12-18 months (also depends on your
speed of execution)

I am super confident about the process that can make it happen now after testing
it on over 50+ professionals. (check the picture for social proof)

Say, YES in the comments if you wish to apply for my next Cohort. We will do it

I don't give this to everyone, You will be taken through a process to find out
if you are an action taker or not.

#money #rainmakers #india #people

Originally posted by Sourabh Goyal 🦄 on LinkedIn
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R Madhavan lost his house to fund Rocketry and directed this movie when the
original director had opted out due to prior commitments. He had to do other
projects just to fund this movie. He had been working on this project for 6
years. All of this for bringing out the story of a great Indian scientist who
had been charged for espionage. What a legend!😄

On another note, his son, Vedaant, is winning medals for the nation in swimming.

I’m glad that finally the world now knows that Nambi Narayanan has been nothing
but a true patriot from DAY 1.

Huge respect for Maddy!🙌👌
These are the role models that the nation needs.

You can #subscribe to my YouTube channel for content related to jobs in

#rmadhavan #nambinarayanan

Originally posted by Maghav Goyal on LinkedIn
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Why are you doing SEO for your site?

Many businesses fail to understand what SEO really is for.

They only try to rank on some keywords,

And try to sell their products.

That’s wrong.

As Rachel Vandernick, marketing consultant and author at SEJ, says in a podcast:

“You want your consumer to have a good time. So make your content work hard for
you, to nurture the customer experience, and to help lead them down the path to

That’s accurate like a laser.

SEO is a branch of digital marketing.

Instilling a marketing-focused SEO strategy is actually a real success.

For example,

If you’re a travel agency, don’t just target keywords like “Best Traveling Spots
in X”.

Instead focus also on creating content that delivers experience and inspires.

For example, you could create content around a topic like this:

“We Spent a Day at X, Here’s How It Truly Feels Like.”

Doing so, you’re not only engaging your target audience…

But also you can outrank giant media publications.

Because you’re in the business.

You know your stuff better than anyone else.

Your content will be experience-driven, providing 100% uniqueness to your

That’s what SEO truly is.

Who’s agreeing here? Comment below to share your insights.

#seo #localseo #marketing

Originally posted by undefined on LinkedIn