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Startup Founders should be focussed on preparing for both the third wave of
covid-19 as well as if the third wave of covid-19 does not come then how should
be the growth of the company. Adapting to uncertainty is the most important
thing learnt during this pandemic.

#startup #growth #covid #founders

Originally posted by Mayank Jain on LinkedIn
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I visited McDonald’s with a pledge that I will not indulge myself with French

When I reached the order counter I said, ‘1 Fillet-o-fish & a small Coke,

She keyed in my order, looked up with a hint of smile and asked innocently,
‘Would you like French fries also? You have to pay just ______.’

The tempting 'offer' melted my will power & what I can only put to a moment of
indiscretion said, ‘yes’.

While munching on French fries I reflected on how I was 'nudged' to buy what I
was determined not to buy? By using a hot button – ‘just' which indicated to my
brain it was a good deal and I should go for it.

Hot Buttons 'nudge' us behave irrationally. Here are other ‘hot buttons which
are frequently used  – 'Free', 'Off', 'Sale', 'Only', 'Now', 'Just', 'Limited'.

Businesses ‘nudge’ us to behave the way they want without us realising it.

This is Rule 14 – Nudge Your Customers to Act Your Way! from my book, ‘The New
Rules of Business’. It will introduce you to tools and techniques for nudging
your customers to vote for your products and services with their wallets. Also,
gift it to your key team members. They too can deploys concepts mentioned to
grow your business. You can order a copy from Amazon. The link is here:

Originally posted by Rajesh Srivastava on LinkedIn
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Education is one such area that is very close to us, When it comes to providing
education for children of Bharat especially in 3 tier & 4 tier towns
facilitating them learning in their local language, children who want to achieve
bigger heights in life. 

We feel proud to be associated with the Vidyakul as investors and support in
this noble cause to divulging education, The growth which we have seen in the
last 4 to 5 months is tremendous and getting associated with them is amazing and
to be part of this successful journey ahead.

#vidyakul #tarunSaini #edtech #jiif #jpf #jain #jito

Originally posted by Pooja Mehta on LinkedIn
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Technical SEO alert: you need to know this!

#Google ranks pages, not websites. In order to get your page indexed, it should
have a separate URL that Google can discover and follow. Here are the main tips
to make this happen:

- Always use an HREF attribute so that Google can easily discover and follow a

- Ideally, use HTML links. JS links are ok as long as they use an HREF attribute

- Google won’t and index URLs with fragments (containing #, e.g. http://store
.com catalog#gifts) as they are not created to lead to a new document/page. So
if you want a fragmented URL to be indexed as a separate page, don’t use
fragments, e.g. http://store .com/catalog/gifts


Originally posted by Kristina Azarenko on LinkedIn