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OYO works in the hospitality sector. It is a hotel chain aggregator working in many countries and is rated in top 10 hotel chain aggregators. It collaborates with the hotels i.e. the hotel and OYO partner with each other and sell the hotel rooms for a fixed period and for the fixed amount under the brand name of OYO. So, all the rooms are booked on the OYO's name. In this all the inventory is also hired by OYO only. The OYO gives the full charges of the rooms booked under their branding even if there is no full occupancy of the rooms. OYO makes the contract with the corresponding hotel. This contract consist of the actual pay offs and the conditions of the standardised services to the OYO's customers.





AIRbnb also works in the hospitality sector. It is a peer-to-peer space renting b business for a given definite time period. In this business, AIRbnb lists all the rentable property on their site. The person who wants to get that property for some finite period of time. For all this renting of property, AIRbnb charges a commission of 3% booking charge of every booking from the host and commission of 6% to 12% booking charge from guests. Both i.e. the guests and the hosts are getting benefit in the form i.e. host is getting a good a good amount for his/her speared room and the guest gets an environment like it's own home with all the facilities.

A business is one having an unique idea for implementing and changing the lifestyle of the people. This business becomes a great business depending on the different factors like scope of the product/services, cost of the product and many more. But the most important factor which gives a good curve to the business is the employees working for the company. They are the main assets that the company has. If the employees will work good then any business will grow very easily in the short span of time but, if the employees are not doing a great work then there is a fault in the company's roots which is not able to make their employees to do a better for the company.

There are some of the factors which can make your employees a great asset for you and your company.

They are:-

1) Be a friend with your employees

All the employees working in the company should be treated as a family member. This creates a good bond between the employees and their business heads. This bond will help the business to grow rapidly as on becoming a bond, the employees will think that the company in which they are working is their own and then the employees will give you the best result and output who h will be very beneficial for your business.

2) Develop a unique identity for the employees

Every person wants to have an unique identity for themselves, which will help them to get... (More)

The car rental industry is one of the emerging industry which is going to transform the whole transport sector in the country.

There are multiple benefits that have given many facilities to all daily basis car users.This facilities have been used for gaining the trust of the potential customers specially the millennials, who are not having any point to buy a new car with other expenses like insurance, services etc. This experience hectic and very time consuming. Because of these reasons, the car rental business has became the blessings for all those people who don't want these problems for their vehicles. People have also increased adoption of shared mobility in the country. This has led to the fact that car rental companies have gained a massive user base within a short period of time.

Some of the facilities are:-

1) hassle-free experience

It is very hectic task to choose a car, checking it's color, the fuel type, payment modes and many others. All these tasks takes a lot of time to get complete. But in the car rental business, the entire process is taken care of by technology. So, the customer have a hassle-free experience during his ride or journey. There is no problem of security as all the vehicles are having the tech-enabled systems such as GPS, security and many other systems that offer better navigation and safety system.

2) Affordability

The car rental business has made this sector so affordable that, now the daily car users are not... (More)

WhatsApp is the most downloaded messaging app with more than 5 billion downloads. On the other hand, the Telegram is having around 350 million downloads. This shows a big difference between the WhatsApp and Telegram.
( These stated nos. are of the time when I am writing this answer. They may change in the future depending on the popularity. )

WhatsApp, the world's most popular messaging app is facing a great challenge from one of it's rival named Telegram. There are some of the features which are not provided by the WhatsApp and is provided by Telegram, which are shifting the people to use Telegram rather than WhatsApp.
They are:-

1) Massive capacity / More engagement

WhatsApp can have maximum of 256 people in a group. This is one of the disadvantage of WhatsApp. On the other hand, Telegram can have around 200 people but, it itself converts the group into super group, when no. of people increases for the same group. A super group in Telegram has a capacity around 2,00,000 people.

2) Concept of username for privacy

Both WhatsApp and Telegram ensures the user's privacy. In the privacy criteria, Telegram gives you more features than WhatsApp. Telegram provides you to communicate with the person, you are not having the phone number. This is done with the help of username feature. Just you have to search the appropriate username and then you can talk. This is done without sharing any phone no.

3) cloud storage

Telegram provides you the... (More)