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Think Story Speak
Presentation Skills Course Singapore
Presentation Skills Training | Think. Story. Speak.

Presentation Skills Training Singapore - Unlock your full potential with Think. Story. Speak. Elevate your Presentation Skills through our expert training. Gain confidence, captivate audiences, and deliver impactful messages. Join us to master the art of effective communication and storytelling. Transform your career and make your mark. Enroll today for a brighter future!

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Highako Academy
Highako Academy by Highradius
Introducing Highako Academy by Highradius

Highako Academy is the world's first Microlearning and Skill Development platform for Order to Cash and Treasury Teams. With Highako Academy, businesses can build, manage curated learning paths to upskill their credit & collection teams with access to 1000+ expert-led videos and resources.
The Role Based Curriculum has structured training plans & courses for all order to cash job roles - tailored to every level of experience.
Get access to live training sessions and interact with experts in real time.
You can evaluate your learners performance on the latest in demand skills through interactive assessments.
You can also monitor your teams progress with insightful reports, dashboards.

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Training and development aims  at improving the performance  and skills of the individuals and groups of employees working  in the organizational. It is an organized activity for increasing the knowledge and skills of the employees.

What is the process of training and development?