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Puru BhatnagarTop Contributor
Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Business developer, Marketer

Yes, I have asked this question and I believe that this is not going to be happened in near time.

Although every country is backing against China of how a mistake made by such a big and strong country is even possible and is it well planned. Though there are many theory which may make uou prove that only China is culprit but we should also not overlook a point that still the truth is not revealed and we should not make up our mind.

But the reson why I think so that it is impossible that every country in this world will stop trading with china is due to some reasons which are:

  1. The tax law.
  2.  Its world class logistic services.
  3. Cheap labour cost.

Although the last point can also be covered by some other country like India but the cheap transportation cost which proves to be a game changing point is still missing.

But still if that happened it will give an earthquake of ricter scale 8 to the economy of china and the result will be devastating.