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Hmmm… interesting question. Well we were all woken up from a long sleep hearing a tech boom where the words Microsoft,Apple Steve Jobs,Google, Larry Page,Computer,and what else were resounding. But we all are curious what are they doing now.The tech field have now become stable after the birth phase, there is no innovation now and all that is happening is competition between all the the companies or the so called tech giants.

Observing each companies all I can say is some are working either on something great and some don’t really know what next to do,so they do what they can do ,compete for survival

Apple: A company which have captured the imagination of lots of people,be it with their technology that made computer mainstream or be it be the man behind it,Steve Jobs the man we all love to hate.But what are they doing right now.Its quite weird,apart from nail biting fight in the smartphone field with more smartphones companies like xiami and one plus coming up there is nothing much Apple is doing right now.Other news are, I think, a bit weird, because I never thought Apple will take such a course.Apple is releasing its new electric car named Titan or the icar as Steve Jobs would have called it.Google is also getting a lot of pressure from its main rivals google and Microsoft as all of them are companies trying stay top I n the competition .Apple will be releasing its new iphones,fresh ipad models,and the watch... (More)