1. there are some companies what actively engage with restaurants to get some seating spaces for the freelance professionals / entrepreneurs registered with them. You can engage in SLAs with these businesses. Usually it's about a fixed list of menu items the patrons can buy on a "discounted" price and some space + wifi for them to work etc.

2. Of course location and offering plays a big role, but engaging in special offers or service to employees of companies in the vicinity is a good plan.

3. While point 1&2 are about ensuring you have a minimum footfall. (Obvs read the offer document carefully ;) )

The sooner you can start delivery services the better for you. Example: Chaayos has engaged in creative methods and products to deliver Hot Tea right at the doorstep of it's customers. The innovation is in packaging that maintains temperature, so that the Tea is hot at the time of delivery (within 90 minutes)

4. If you are looking to take a franchise, then it's a different ball game. But not a bad idea.

Hope it helps