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WhatsApp is the most downloaded messaging app with more than 5 billion downloads. On the other hand, the Telegram is having around 350 million downloads. This shows a big difference between the WhatsApp and Telegram.
( These stated nos. are of the time when I am writing this answer. They may change in the future depending on the popularity. )

WhatsApp, the world's most popular messaging app is facing a great challenge from one of it's rival named Telegram. There are some of the features which are not provided by the WhatsApp and is provided by Telegram, which are shifting the people to use Telegram rather than WhatsApp.
They are:-

1) Massive capacity / More engagement

WhatsApp can have maximum of 256 people in a group. This is one of the disadvantage of WhatsApp. On the other hand, Telegram can have around 200 people but, it itself converts the group into super group, when no. of people increases for the same group. A super group in Telegram has a capacity around 2,00,000 people.

2) Concept of username for privacy

Both WhatsApp and Telegram ensures the user's privacy. In the privacy criteria, Telegram gives you more features than WhatsApp. Telegram provides you to communicate with the person, you are not having the phone number. This is done with the help of username feature. Just you have to search the appropriate username and then you can talk. This is done without sharing any phone no.

3) cloud storage

Telegram provides you the... (More)

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Similar to that, setting goals in your business will keep you moving forward toward the following:

  • Long term vision and direction. Goals define where you ultimately want to go and give you your direction.
  • Motivation. As you achieve your short term goals, you and your team will strengthen your operations, refine your processes and receive that extra boost to move onto the next goal. They give you something to visualize. If your goal is to retire to a beachfront house, you can visualize that house.
  • The ability to decide and prioritize. When you have specific, well-defined goals it will be easier to make day-to-day decisions in your business. For every decision you have to make, ask yourself: "Which option will help me achieve my long-term goal?" Usually the decision will be much clearer after that

1. Define“realistic” for your startup

2. Be specific.

3. Divide your goal into pieces.

4. Make your goals both feasible and measurable.

5. Always follow your goals.

6. Educate and empower your sales team

7. Properly incentivize your sales team

8. Calculate your ideal monthly sales goal


Kavii SuriTop Contributor
GEEK | Content Writing Intern | Pursuing CS | Exploring ML and Data Science

Create a Plan of Action

channel your enthusiasm into creating plans, gathering tools and thinking up step-by-step systems, including any maintenance tasks you may have to do to keep the whole thing going.

The 20-Second Rule(The Happiness Advantage)

In a nutshell…

  1. Activation energy is the reason why it’s so hard to go out and do stuff. It’s the barrier between you and the thing you want to do. High activation energy = more energy required to “activate” yourself to do a task.
  2. The 20-Second Rule is a rule of thumb to follow for lowering that barrier. This rule of thumb states that if you decrease how long it takes for you to get started on a task by just 20 seconds, then this already increases the chances that you perform it more consistently.
Kavii SuriTop Contributor
GEEK | Content Writing Intern | Pursuing CS | Exploring ML and Data Science

After the initial burst of excitement, any entrepreneur experiences frustration, burnout and feels that they have to do too much in too less time.


But What is burnout?

“An extended period of time where someone experiences exhaustion and a lack of interest in things, resulting in a decline in their job performance.”  - David Ballard


Now that we know this, what can we do about it?

First and foremost, recognizing the early signs of burnout and to anticipating things that cause it is the first step to freedom. It’s much easier and more efficient to manage burnout when your mental faculties are not hampered by constant exhaustion or frustration.

Ambitious people are often allergic to the word “no.” We accept any challenge or opportunity that comes our way because we want to impress our peers and superiors by juggling all sorts of obligations.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew.