When planning to start your own company, be ready for chaos. You are stepping into unknown territory and a lot of uncertain things are bound to happen. Be prepared for the unprepared. Failures are bound to happen, deals are going to fall apart, you will often find yourself in helpless situations, and your worst fears might come true, this is what the startup journey is all about.

While no one can help you to deal with the first 100 crucial days of your new company, a little experience might give you will and hope. You have the passion but lack the basic requirement to run a firm. You have a vision but don’t know where to begin and how to imply thing?

Entrepreneur India got in touch with entrepreneurs who started their own companies and have seen it all. Bringing you the stories from founders of their first 100 days and what they went through. Read these opinions and get a clear view. This will definitely give you a heads-up on how to sail through your start-up ignition phase.

Soar to Greater Height

A great high for anyone is to get the opportunity to build their own team. Here’s another story of Milan Thakkar, CEO, B2C Business, Walplast India.

“I began my career at Walplast. Repositioning brand architecture and prioritizing product portfolio was another feather in the cap that gave me enough and more confidence. With more and more opportunities coming my way, I made sure there was a cultural... (More)