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stress is basically is a strain that an individual experience due to challenges and differences perceived by them. in workplace too stress exist and can adversely affects one 's performance .so an entrepreneur should practice stress management to prevent stress in an organization so that it can function smoothly . the following are the ways by which an entrepreneur can manage stress are: 

  1. counselling - counselling can help employees to clear confusion related to their career , job etc . and thus provide them clear direction  .it also helps them to improve by encouraging them to develop new skills and knowledge  and hence improves their mental health and reduce stree .so entrepreneur should conduct counselling activity  and stress control workshops in the oraganisation on regular basis .
  2. supportive oraganisational climate - entrepreneurs should try to build friendly and supportive organizational climate and provide healthy and safe working condition to its employees in order to reduce among them . it should adopt the participative style of management and involve employees which develop sense of belongingness in them and improve their performance. 
  3. entrepreneurs can take their employees on vacations , organise cultural and interactive activities in the organisation which will prove to be very effective in managing stress.