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Startup investment
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IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. An IPO is away or a process of raise capital for the company's growth and expansion by offering shares of a the privately governed body or corporation to the public/individual in the form of new stock issuance. This Public share helps the company to raise capital from public investors. This is one of the new way or source of financing which helps in the business expansion with the help of the public investors. Once IPO is done then the company has now become the publicly owned company rather than privately owned company.

A business is one having an unique idea for implementing and changing the lifestyle of the people. This business becomes a great business depending on the different factors like scope of the product/services, cost of the product and many more. But the most important factor which gives a good curve to the business is the employees working for the company. They are the main assets that the company has. If the employees will work good then any business will grow very easily in the short span of time but, if the employees are not doing a great work then there is a fault in the company's roots which is not able to make their employees to do a better for the company.

There are some of the factors which can make your employees a great asset for you and your company.

They are:-

1) Be a friend with your employees

All the employees working in the company should be treated as a family member. This creates a good bond between the employees and their business heads. This bond will help the business to grow rapidly as on becoming a bond, the employees will think that the company in which they are working is their own and then the employees will give you the best result and output who h will be very beneficial for your business.

2) Develop a unique identity for the employees

Every person wants to have an unique identity for themselves, which will help them to get... (More)

Dropshipping is one of the trending way of making your own e-commerce platform and earns a good profit from it. It is basically a supply-chain inventory method where you (i.e., the owner of the business) will list the products on his/her e-commerce platform without caring about the product inventory. This business has 3 parts i.e.

°) The owner of the business will promote his/her e-commerce platform using different mediums of promotion. This will help them in attracting the customers. The customers will land on the dropshipping e-commerce platform, where they will buy the product. The owner will set the price according to the retail market price.

°) when the order is confirmed then, the request is forwarded to the supplier who has made the collaboration with the drop shipping e-commerce owner. The owner will pay the price of the product to the supplier. The main factor is that this price will be the wholesale price.
So, here the main funds is that:-

{ Profit you. = { retail price. - { whole sale
get }. you set. }. price. }

°) After all the payment of done, the supplier delivers the product at the customer's house.


1) Product selection

Product selection is the initial task that is to be done before starting a dropshipping business. The product should have a good market and should have a low wholesale cost and should have less competition. The people should actively search for it. Also, check... (More)

The dotcom bubble, was a rapid rise in U.S. It was also known as the internet bubble. In 2001 and through 2002 the bubble burst.
During the dotcom bubble, the value of equity markets grew exponentially, with the technology-dominated Nasdaq index rising from under 1,000 to more than 5,000 between the years 1995 and 2000.

By the end of 2001, most dotcom stocks had gone bust. Even the share prices of blue-chip technology stocks like Cisco, Intel and Oracle lost more than 80% of their value.

In the year 1995 most of the Investors poured money into internet startups in the hope that those companies would one day become profitable and one day they will make a big profit out of it, but such things did not happened. The main criteria of the Investors was the .com domain i.e. the startup which were having the .com domains were having the only preference of the Investors.

Investors started investing in the Companies which were not having any proprietary technology. These companies spent all their money on marketing, to establish brands that would differentiate themselves from the competition.
The bubble that formed in the five years i.e. from 1995-2000 was fed by cheap money, easy capital, market overconfidence, and pure speculation.
Then in the 2001, some companies started failing, which was the starting of the dot com bubble burst. several of the leading high-tech companies, such as Dell and Cisco placed huge sell orders on their stocks, sparking panic selling among investors.... (More)