1. Inc42 hosted Wingify Paras Gupta to talk about imbibing the concepts of ‘First Principle Thinking’ to entrepreneurship
  2. Chopra analysed entrepreneurship from the perspective of First Principles of Thinking
  3. A techup Technologies will host a series of webinars to help budding entrepreneurs to start their own healthtech venture.

Chopra had cofounded SaaS-based Wingify in 2009, along with Sparsh Gupta. The company, whose flagship is a website testing platform product VWO, is one of the few Indian companies to have reached about $23 Mn ARR mark while being bootstrapped.

In a conversation with Inc42 cofounder Vaibhav Vardhan, Chopra deconstructed first principles thinking from the point of view of prioritising facts rather than confirming biases. Applying this line of thinking to the biggest question for entrepreneurs currently — whether to go remote or back to the office — Chopra said he would focus on internal reflection, rather than reading articles or anecdotes on the same as context varies from company to company.

This means that the entrepreneurs should look at the organisation, customers, employees, sort of interactions that happen on a day-to-day basis, and how the work gets done in the organisation, alongside other internal working of the company. He emphasised that context differs from country to city to sector to target market.