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In eCommerce; How to Manage Undelivered Orders With Ease

In eCommerce, when a customer places an order, it's the responsibility of the business to ensure that the order is delivered properly. Unfortunately, there are times when orders have yet to be delivered due to various reasons. This can be frustrating for b oth the customer and the business. In this blog post, we will discuss ways businesses can easily manage undelivered orders.

What are Undelivered Orders in eCommerce?

The only delivered orders are those that could be completed due to various reasons. The most common reason is that the customer's shipping address must be verified. Other reasons include incorrect or missing items from the order, or issues with payment.

If an order can't be delivered, the eCommerce merchant will usually try to contact the customer to get updated information or to make alternate arrangements. If the customer cannot be reached, or if the order cannot be completed for some other reason, the merchant will typically cancel the order and issue a refund.

While undelivered orders can be frustrating for both customers and merchants, they are relatively rare. Most eCommerce orders are delivered without issue. However, when they do occur, it's important to handle them in a professional and efficient manner to minimize the impact on the customer experience. Here are some ways how to manage Undelivered Orders in eCommerce.

When an order is placed, send a notification to the supplier

When an order is placed, it is important to notify the supplier as soon as possible. This way, the... (More)

Fear About Startup

1 Going Broke

One of the biggest things every entrepreneur worries about is capital. They have every right to do so. You do need money to start a business, after all. Most of the time, this money will either come from the entrepreneur’s piggy bank. If you don’t have a stable revenue stream by the time you run out of capital then your proverbial goose is cooked and the business, together with all the capital that was initially invested, is at a danger of being .

2 Being Inadequate

It could be that you’re worried your product isn’t good enough to put up with the competition, or that you’re personally not a good enough entrepreneur. Whichever of the two you’re facing, this fear can hinder many entrepreneurs from unfurling their wings and taking off.

3.The Fear Of Failing

This is a fear that gets even the best of us from time to time. There are little failures, like a failed marketing campaign, or some bug in your software that you notice right after you launch. There are also big failures, like your company going bankrupt and taking all your money and hard work along with it.

4 The Fear Of Biting More Than You Chew

No one decides to become an entrepreneur because it is the easy way out. A 9-5 is the easy way out; everyone knows that. The reason why most people decide to become entrepreneurs is that the rewards are worth the challenges you face along the... (More)

Yes, COVID-19 might be the reason for the upcoming recession. This is due to the manufacturing, tourism slowdown and share market crash going to it's all time low situation.

Brief-justification is as follows:-

1) China

China is the country of manufacturing. Most of the big giants business companies, prepare and assemble their final product in China. This is done due to the fact that, China has the cheapest labour in the world. Since Corona Virus( COVID-19) has started from China so, China has lockdown himself from the whole world. Not only this, other countries have also stopped all types of exchanges and other works from China. Due to this the big giants and other companies are not able to do business, which can be easily seen with the decreasing no. of sales by all the companies.

2) Italy

Italy is one of the beautiful country known for his tourism. Every year, many people go to Italy for the holidays. Now this time, Italy is the second most affected country in the world after China. Italy has also lockdown themselves from the other parts of the world. Due to this, the tourism sector is facing a big problem. Not only this, all the business linked with the tourism industry has also affected by this. Hotel business restaurant business and many other are affected the most due to this COVID-19.

3) USA

USA is the economy regulatory country of the world. All the is happening is USA effects the whole world. This... (More)

1) No unique selling point

Lenovo was not having any differentiating factors in their smartphones. The other Chinese companies started focusing on the single feature to attract the single set of customer segment which want that prominent feature in their smartphones.

Eg:- Oppo started working on the cameras, Mi started working on giving the latest premium technology in the best cheapest price in which other companies are not able to give.

There was no such feature in Lenovo which were not able to make their own identity in the highly competitive smartphone market.

2) No proper integration and utilisation of known

Lenovo made good move by buying the one of the well known smartphone brand, Motorola from Google in around $3 billion. But, they were not able to make it profitable for themselves. Lenovo and Motorola were having similar features and were competing in the same price segment. Later, the company launched a new sub-brand i.e. ZUK which was also competing in the same price segment. The company was not able to give the directions to these brands where as BBK was able to control it's all 4 brands properly in the different price segment with different features.

3) fake types and promises

With the falling reputation in the smartphone market, Lenovo created a fake hype regarding their smartphone Z5, which will be having 4 TB of space with no bezel less smartphone. But, the smartphone was not able to make up to the expectations as it was not having... (More)