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Lisa luna
Ecommerce Specialist

Badoo is one such good social-media platform that I know but is not famous enough.  Must try it out.

                                                                    Social Media & Startup

How Social Media can help the startup to grow in a massive way?

Accessing The Technology : In the Era of tech. & social media can give a hipe to your business and connect with millions of people who are present with a similar interests.You247 can avoid any wasteage of money for conducting workshop or techfairs.

You can take your buisness in a whole new next level and connect to million of people with similar background who strive to seek help or provide help for your businness to grow efficiently.

Starting from small e-commerse website to a vast ocean of entertainment ,tech ,fashion, personal development,social-media and lots more can actually help your idea to florish and reach to millions.


YES, In these days social media is playing important role in day to day life.when you want to sell something, Facebook Twitter Instagram is the best way .You can know the personal requirement of customers and you can also create a group just to get the feedbacks.Feedback228 is the most important thing which everyone needs to work on and also which kind of services that company provides.Social224 media is enhancing in these days .you can know what kind of demand is needed by a particular place of customers and sell your products easily. As social media is used by every age group and all over the world so it would be easy to post your requirements .