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Social Entrepreneurship
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A social entrepreneur is a person who pursues novel applications that have the potential to solve community-based problems. These individuals are willing to take on the risk and effort to create positive changes in society through their initiatives.


Widespread use of ethical practices such as impact investing283, conscious consumerism, and corporate social responsibility201 programs facilitate the success of social entrepreneurs.

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The types of social entrepreneurship are as varied as enterprises themselves. The specific definition of social entrepreneurship is evolving and there are debates about it. Generally speaking, social entrepreneurship has two criteria: the ends (the aim must be social good) and the means (selling goods or services). Within these there are social enterprises in a wide range of sectors, regions and industries.

The types of entrepreneurship maybe Classified on the following points:

Community Project. A community project is a relatively small-scale effort to address an issue within a specific community.

Non-profit Organization.

Co-operative (Co-op)

Social Enterprise.

Social Purpose Business.

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Interesting question! When you're starting a new business and, particularly, when that business is online, the idea of attracting new customers through "social" means is definitely a little other worldly. It is so drastically different from direct human contact that it can, indeed, seem a little surreal! But, online social media contact is still human contact, just a different kind of contact. In my opinion it can still be very personal and warm if done in that spirit when communicating with the written word, with videos, pictures, etc. I hope this answers your question reasonably well!

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Social or civic entrepreneurship help communities collaborate to develop and organize their economic assets and to build strong resilient networks between and among the public, private and civil sectors.

Civic entrepreneurs are catalysts who help communities go through the changeprocess. The build community - tight, resilient, linkages between community and economic interests. Yet, how do you know a civic entrepreneur when you see one?

Social/ civic entrepreneurs have five common traits:They:

  • See opportunity in the economy - to fight social justice - understand the new economic realities and are compelled to act on vision of how their community can be successful, they believe that can provide unprecedent opportunity for people, places, and organizations. The takes opportunities and needs of the community - as a starting point and help them make positive choices about future, building the relationship and specialized resources for success;
  • Possess an entrepreneurial personality - in contrast to the bureaucrat, civic entrepreneurs always instinctively find reasons why things can happen, as opposed to focusing on reasons why they cannot. On contrast to the idealist, civic entrepreneurs are challenged by the how-to questions and delight in getting results. Mobilizing resources, persisting against odds, driving toward tangible results - they bring their entrepreneurial mind-set and skills to the civic arena.
  • Provide collaborative leadership to connect the economy and the community - of course social/civic entrepreneurs are collaborative, they know how to work with and for peole to get results, they believe that the benefits of a changed economic and change... (More)