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Step 1 :To open a demat account; you need to move toward a vault member (DP), a specialist of safe, and top off a record opening structure. The rundown of DPs is accessible in the sites of safes: CDSL (Central Depository Services (India) Ltd and NSDL (National Securities Depository Ltd).


Stage 2: Along with the record opening structure, you should encase photocopies of certain archives for confirmation of personality and verification of address.


Stage 3: You should consent to an arrangement with DP in the safe recommended standard configuration, which gives subtleties of rights and obligations of financial specialist and DP. You are qualified for get a duplicate of the understanding and timetable of charges for future reference.


Stage 4: The DP will at that point open a record and give you the demat account number. This is likewise called valuable proprietor distinguishing proof number (BO ID). Every one of your buys/interests in protections will be credited to this record. In the event that you sell your protections, your demat record will be charged.