My personal journey to scaling Instagram Ads.

When I first started running Facebook Ads
I was overwhelmed. Literally.

From the UX of the Ads Manager,
To the mysteries of the Facebook Algo

Everything felt so messed up.

It felt it was an arcane secret only few could access to.
And I was definitely not one of them.

But for those who know me well
I can’t to take NO as an answer.

So this is what I did:

> Read every single blog post about FB Ads
> Befriended people at Facebook (amazing people)
> Bought several advanced courses
> Joined tons of online communities
> Flew to Germany to attend the Facebook Ads Camp
> Met the people from the AdEspresso Team
> Became friend with the best ads guys out there
> Asked some of them to join UrbanMonks to work together

The journey has been long, but I’m proud to share
The methodology we came up as a team.

This is the Framework we use to drive qualified traffic
To any page, any business, any app out there.


I am sometimes bluffed by it tbh.
It works systematically.

When it doesn’t work, then it’s generally because:

> The business lacks Product Market Fit.
> The client starts running ads while we build the process
> There is a clear “user deception” in the UX flow