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For successfully completing B2B sales face to face sales person is required. Non personal communication generate the lead but converting lead into revenue face to face sales person is required. Face to face sales person leverage the personal brand and rapport to increase the success in B2B

1) Make authentic relations

Relation b/w salesperson and the potential customer plays a very important role in the sales field. Customer likes to purchase the product or service if and only if the the thing selling from your side is good and you are having a good, genuine relation, on which the customer can trust and can think for purchasing and continuing your product/service.

It should be noted that, however your product/service is good but if your attitude and relation is not good and authentic then there is no chance of purchasing your product/service by your potential customer.

2) get updated with the new trends and facts

For every sales, the salesperson should be more updated with the business news, trading funding and all the information which can help him/her in their sales. Consumer can be easily impressed by all the new facts and figure which which can help you to lock the deal with your client.

3) Preparation before the meeting

Preparation of any sales exercise can help you to crack your sales meeting with your client. Preparation can make you confident which can help you to easily convince your potential customer. A customer can easily believe on the confident salesperson rather than a non-confident salesperson as the customer is investing his/her money in your company and you are representing your company. A confident company can be easily believed rather than a non- confident company in terms of investing money. So, every sales person should be confident about their... (More)

Prakhar SharmaTop Contributor
Social media marketer, Content Writer

A great many companies obsess over how to scale the sales model. Very few obsess over how to scale the sales behaviors that make the model actually run. Those behaviors involve the questions asked, the value statements that are made, and how objections are addressed, to name a few. Getting these behaviors consistently right is the key to scaling your growth in a predictable way.

It’s really just simple math. Let’s assume you hire your first three sales reps this month and they complete three sales calls a day.  That’s 45 calls in five days.  Extend that over the year and you’ll have 2,340 sales calls for that three person cohort. And, if you’re scaling your team and hiring three people every month, you’re looking at 15,210 sales calls over the year. That’s fifteen thousand sales calls where you are applying consistent, predictable sales behaviors that lead to your desired results, or fifteen thousand individual experiments, some which work and some which don’t.

Sales are activities related to selling or the number of goods or services sold in a given targeted time period.

The seller, or the provider of the goods or services194, completes a sale in response to an acquisition188, appropriation207,[1]179 requisition226, or a direct interaction with the buyer at the point of sale200. There is a passing of title (property or ownership) of the item190, and the settlement of a price191, in which agreement is reached on a price for which transfer of ownership of the item will occur. The seller, not the purchaser229, typically executes the sale and it may be completed prior to the obligation of payment195. In the case of indirect interaction, a person who sells goods or service on behalf of the owner is known as a salesman or saleswoman or salesperson, but this often refers to someone selling goods in a store/shop, in which case other terms are also common, including salesclerk232, shop assistant, and retail clerk.