SEO is dead no. The traditional SEO is dead only.


People are strict with their confusions.

Exact match domains working or not? – Yes working if you are not making a spammy website look.

PBN still worth it? - Yes PBN still worth it if your websites are natural look & behavior along different IP.

Can we make backlinks of a fresh website? – Not at all at least 60 days, you should just play with the content.

Rank Primary keyword with Tier 2 backlinking that prevention of SERP fluctuation.

10 things that are going to affect SEO in 2020

1. Unsatisfied search intent (Only text is the content to focus)

2. Traditional SEO techniques

3. Not updating yourself

4. Ignoring structured data and search features

5. Ignoring conversion optimization

6. Not focusing on branded anchor text

7. Not focusing on branding and brand searches

8. Not ready for mobile

9. Unclear SEO goals

10. Prefer people over search engines