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About Cloudtalk CloudTalk is a contact centre management system that allows enterprises to use virtual call systems to streamline communications with employees and customers. It enables executives to manage inbound and outbound calls, retrieve interaction data from a variety of sources, and provide clients with individualised help. Automated call distribution, interaction recording, voicemail, interactive voice response (IVR), and bespoke reporting are some of CloudTalk's most useful features. CloudTalk works with a variety of third-party platforms, including Salesforce, Zendesk, Pipedrive, and others, to streamline telephone workflows across many locations. Users of Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS can use its web and mobile applications. Pros It boasts excellent call quality, both audio and visual, as well as excellent customer service. Users can keep track of all calls and engagements because of seamless integration with HubSpot. For iPhone users, there is a mobile app available. For internal users, it determines who is logged in or not. There is Caller ID, and it's a safe bet that most calls are automatically recorded and available for listening. Cons Due to the reliance on an internet connection, there is occasionally a lag in the chat or difficulty connecting with individuals. Many people have expressed dissatisfaction with the price plan. Pricing Starting as $20.00 per month Pricing: The price is determined on the number of agents you have. Free Trial: There is a 30-day free trial available. Who should use Cloudtalk? cloudtalk Software is mostly used by customer support and sales teams working in startups, SMEs... (More)
About Clickup ClickUp is a cloud-based project management and collaboration platform for companies of all sizes and sectors. Communication and collaboration tools, task assignments and statuses, alarms, and a task toolbar are just a few of the features available. Users can assign comments and assignments to individuals or groups of individuals. Users are notified when another team member mentions them in a debate, and remarks can be modified after they've been posted. Slack and GitHub are two examples of integrations. Support is available via phone and email. Pros For those looking for a powerful and cost-effective solution, the number of features included at the free level in clickup are sufficient to address 90%+ of all common project needs. Most likely, there are numerous options for customising the optimal workflow for you. And if your firm evolves, it can adapt as well. The price is reasonable. Cons Click Up can be difficult to handle and comprehend because it incorporates tools for documents, mind maps, and analytics. Some users may find it perplexing. There is a dearth of calendar apps in clickup.Graphs for statistical analysis cannot be created. Only statistics relevant to the tasks at hand are available (registos, datas e status). Pricing $5.00 per month as a starting price Available as a free trial Available in a free format. Who should use Clickup? Documents, reminders, goals, calendars, and even an inbox are all available through ClickUp. ClickUp is fully adaptable and suitable for any type of professional team, allowing any individual... (More)
About Cleverly Cleverly is a lead generation firm that focuses on building businesses using LinkedIn. Since its inception in 2016, the agency has assisted a number of businesses in obtaining their ideal clients through strategic outreach. Cleverly's staff is made up of talented individuals that will generate tailored messaging and implement successful campaigns for you. For every 500 leads, you can expect 20-50 new engagements with prospects. You'll get the opportunity to talk through the details with the manager, who will be able to answer any questions you have about sales or LinkedIn outreach. Furthermore, you will receive excellent strategic recommendations based on Cleverly's hundreds of successful campaigns. Pros Cleverly’s analysis is extremely accurate, and it aids in the reduction of coat and the improvement of business performance. It's simple to use and provides good productivity. It also makes customer service simple. Cons For the first time users, a Google Ads audit might appears to be too difficult. Reviewing ads can take an excessive amount of time at times. Users may not receive spending credit alerts. Pricing Although the organisation does not provide a free membership plan, it does allow you to schedule a free consultation with one of its pros to determine which plan is ideal for you. When it comes to premium agent services, the Silver package, which costs $297 a month, is the most basic option, bringing you 250 prospects per month. You will receive 500 prospects per month with the Gold programme, which costs $397. The... (More)
About Appointy
Appointy is a cloud-based appointment scheduling service that assists professionals and enterprises in managing their appointment scheduling activities and routines. Healthcare and wellness, education, medicine, professional services, and other industries can all benefit from the solution. Appointy offers website widgets that allow customers to accept appointments straight from their websites, as well as bespoke subdomains for booking pages. Users can integrate booking functionality straight into a company's Facebook profile via Facebook integration.

Customers and employees benefited from the good integrations and API, as well as the numerous booking customization capabilities.
The customer service crew is dependable, and Appointy makes things straightforward in general.
Appointy does not inform its paying clients when there is a service interruption.
Facebook integration is currently unavailable.

No credit card required in Appointy for the 14-day free trial.
1 personnel, 5 services, and unlimited bookings are included in the free plan.
Small company Pro Plan: $19.99 per month (paid annually) or $29.99 per month (billed monthly).
Medium-sized company plan: $39.99 per month (paid annually) or $49.99 per month (billed monthly).
From $59.99 per month for a multi-location business on the Enterprise Plan (billed annually).

Who should use Appointy?
Appointy is a wonderful solution for people who need Staff Scheduling because it assigns appointments to the most available resource automatically. It may appear to be beneficial to those who want Flexible Booking because it allows clients to make numerous bookings at once, select preferred employees, and make pre-payments.

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