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Data processing , Manipulation of information by a PC. It incorporates the change of crude information to machine-lucid structure, stream of information through the CPU and memory to yield gadgets, and organizing or change of yield. Any utilization of PCs to perform characterized procedure on information can be incorporated under information preparing.


During this stage, the information inputted to the PC in the past stage is really prepared for understanding. Preparing is finished utilizing AI calculations, however the procedure itself may shift somewhat relying upon the wellspring of information being handled (information lakes, interpersonal organizations, associated gadgets and so forth.) and its proposed use (analyzing publicizing designs, clinical determination from associated gadgets, deciding client needs, and so forth.).


Information yield/translation

The yield/translation organize is the phase at which information is at long last usable to non-information researchers. It is deciphered, comprehensible, and regularly as diagrams, recordings, pictures, plain content, and so on.). Individuals from the organization or establishment would now be able to start to self-serve the information for their own information examination ventures.


6. Data Storage 


The last phase of information handling is capacity. After the entirety of the information is prepared, it is then put away for sometime later. While some data