Artificial Intelligence has become one of the prominent technology in our day to day lives and it is impacting on our daily lives. Every time you scroll through any e-commerce apps like AMAZON, social media or do a quick Google search, we are experiencing application of AI.In the past few years AI technology is growing and is predicted to grow even further, expecting to reach around 126 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.Demand for skilled professional growing at a fast pace and companies like IBM, Accenture, and Apple are actively hiring AI professionals.

Top 5 AI projects for Engineering Students

1) A Smart Wearable Glass With Deep Learning Technology Powered With Artificial Intelligence for Visually Impaired People

It is an innovative glass with AI Assistant, developed by using Image Detector (with YOLO), Sensor, and a few add-on capabilities. To ease the difficulty of traveling for the visually impaired, this project proposes an intelligent guiding device in the form of eyewear that would provide them with efficient and safe guidance.

2) Plant Disease Detection and Classification Using Machine Learning and AI Algorithm

This artificial intelligence project proposes a method for plant disease detection and classification using machine learning algorithms. The system involves processing plant images to identify and classify different diseases. Various pre-processing techniques are employed, including color space transformation, image enhancement, and segmentation. Different machine learning algorithms are evaluated, and the results demonstrate that the proposed approach achieves high accuracy in plant disease detection and classification. The system has potential... (More)