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Puru BhatnagarTop Contributor
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Tata Nano when it first come in market, it got a tagline "The cheapest car". It is considered as everyone car's, which is even true as when we look in the car's market we can see an ideal middle class car price to be around 4-5 lac, but the company launched Tata Nano in around 1-1.5 lac range.

The thing is company has done for good that is the price range which they have decided, with a thought that it will attract a lot of people to it, but the thing gone in the other way which result in the failure of the product.

What according to me is actually in India a car is considered as a sign of completeness and shows that person is earning enough that he or she can be consider to be in rich category, but the company has broken down that status and with this thought people start ignoring the vehicle with a consideration that it is can be bought by anyone.

Some other reasons are as follows:

1). Lack of practicality.

2). Emotionally disconnected advertisement.

3). Poor build quality.

4). Product issue.

5).Poor public relations.


1) Late delivery

Tata Nano was very well positioned in the market. It got a great response of the people on their launch day as, many people tried for the car's pre-order. This leaded to the fact that, this car will be getting a great boom in the market which never happened. After the big bulk pre-order, the Tata group was not able to fulfill the promises they made at their launch time. They were not able deliver their final product on time. They were 20 months late from their delivery time. This delay is due to the land and factory dispute b/w Tata group and Mamta Banerjee. Due to this problem they had to shift their factory to Karnataka.

2) Fake pricing

Tata Nano was pitched at a price of 1 lakh only. This pricing was not believable by the people and other car manufacturing companies. Due to this, many people pre-booked the car. Tata Nano was targeting the lower middle class people. They were able to get their target audience very easily at their launch day. But, on the delivery day, the car was priced at 2.5-3 lakhs, which was same as If other small cars like Alto. This fake pricing lead to the fact that most of the people, now was not interested in the product.

3) Tagline of ' the cheapest car '

In India, car is a symbol of status rather than any vehicle. People get respect from the people, if they have car. Now,... (More)






OYO works in the hospitality sector. It is a hotel chain aggregator working in many countries and is rated in top 10 hotel chain aggregators. It collaborates with the hotels i.e. the hotel and OYO partner with each other and sell the hotel rooms for a fixed period and for the fixed amount under the brand name of OYO. So, all the rooms are booked on the OYO's name. In this all the inventory is also hired by OYO only. The OYO gives the full charges of the rooms booked under their branding even if there is no full occupancy of the rooms. OYO makes the contract with the corresponding hotel. This contract consist of the actual pay offs and the conditions of the standardised services to the OYO's customers.





AIRbnb also works in the hospitality sector. It is a peer-to-peer space renting b business for a given definite time period. In this business, AIRbnb lists all the rentable property on their site. The person who wants to get that property for some finite period of time. For all this renting of property, AIRbnb charges a commission of 3% booking charge of every booking from the host and commission of 6% to 12% booking charge from guests. Both i.e. the guests and the hosts are getting benefit in the form i.e. host is getting a good a good amount for his/her speared room and the guest gets an environment like it's own home with all the facilities.

1) No unique selling point

Lenovo was not having any differentiating factors in their smartphones. The other Chinese companies started focusing on the single feature to attract the single set of customer segment which want that prominent feature in their smartphones.

Eg:- Oppo started working on the cameras, Mi started working on giving the latest premium technology in the best cheapest price in which other companies are not able to give.

There was no such feature in Lenovo which were not able to make their own identity in the highly competitive smartphone market.

2) No proper integration and utilisation of known

Lenovo made good move by buying the one of the well known smartphone brand, Motorola from Google in around $3 billion. But, they were not able to make it profitable for themselves. Lenovo and Motorola were having similar features and were competing in the same price segment. Later, the company launched a new sub-brand i.e. ZUK which was also competing in the same price segment. The company was not able to give the directions to these brands where as BBK was able to control it's all 4 brands properly in the different price segment with different features.

3) fake types and promises

With the falling reputation in the smartphone market, Lenovo created a fake hype regarding their smartphone Z5, which will be having 4 TB of space with no bezel less smartphone. But, the smartphone was not able to make up to the expectations as it was not having... (More)