Listen... if you Skip this post, definitely you lose something very important that help's in your E-com journey.

If you are just started and you get lite bit clicks or few orders(cheers🥂) from your Ads. that time you are flying above the sky right??

But.. after fulfillment, you have an empty pocket and your bank a/c still same as before. Why??

Because you Don't know Breakeven ROAS(Return On Ads Spent).

What is Breakeven ROAS?

Breakeven ROAS is the Actual ROAS that gives you the right direction whether is your Ads need to continue or stop.

Don't be confused, Let me give you one example.

Product Price + Shipping Cost = $3.5

Selling Price = $9.9

Margin = $6.49

Margin(%) = 0.65(6.49/9.9)

Breakeven ROAS = 1.54(1/0.65)

BROAS means this is your Stabel state where you not going in loss or profit.

✅Above ex says that is your Ads ROAS < BROAS than you immediately stop your Ad. If Ads ROAS > BROAS BOOM💣!!! that means you earn some profits

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