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Why I started an Online Marketing Business?

Why not any other.

Also, being an Electronics Engineer why didn't you tried any job in that field?

These are the questions I face regularly from friends, relatives, and even clients.

I remember doing an internship in the 3rd year of my college.

And the role was SEO Intern.

I didn't know what was SEO or online marketing back then.

I only knew they were paying ₹5,000 and it was good enough to cover my expenses.

And still, I got hired among 20 candidates.

But as I was doing the internship, I realized the power of the Internet.

And how the world has evolved.

We can now just run a company from anywhere in the world without having any in house team and just marketing our services with a laptop.

I was fascinated by it and fell in love with the Online world.

And this was the reason I continue doing it and started my business around it.

What was your reason to do business or job which you are currently doing?

How does a new business get its first client?

I think we can learn from how we act in our everyday lives:

I don't know what you are selling, but, what would you do if a complete stranger walks to you and asks you for $1,000 dollars?

Most likely you wont give the money to him...


  • Because you don't trust him.
  • Because you don't know him.
  • Because he doesn't provide you any value in exchange.

What if your best friend in the world asks for the same $1,000?

Most likely you will give it to him.

To sell something ask yourself:

Have you developed any relational equity with your potential client or customer?

So before selling anything... Start delivering value. Build a relationship.

Yes, you may have the abilities to achieve a sale, but will your customers return? Will you survive in the long run?

Learn this: Business that will stay in business for many years to come deposit to their customers BEFORE they even ask for a withdrawal.

Its like a bank... IF you deposit, you have available value to get out of your account.

But you FIRST must deposit.

Create massive amounts of value then make your first sale.

Believe me... It will be the first of many to come!

How do I get 10k views on every post that I post on Linkedin?

What is the secret?

I just followed a few simple steps to achieve this.

  1. I connect with my prospects and write only for them
  2. I have no hidden agenda
  3. I am clear what I wanted to achieve through this activity
  4. I really enjoy it
  5. I share marketing techniques which really help people

And the results are truly amazing

  1. I am getting people daily asking for my services
  2. I am looked as an authority
  3. I get to connect with amazing people
  4. My business reached new heights

The thing to go viral on Linkedin is to be human.

No one wants to be connected to amazing profiles with no heart.

So if you want to go viral on Linkedin.

Just write for humans and be authentic.


This is how I am generating leads on Linkedin

ou want to do when you start with Linkedin because when someone wants to connect with you they will first see your profile.
And if your profile is not professionally optimised you will not be able to position yourself as an expert and people will not accept your connection requests.

2. Start writing regularly on Linkedin. Write atleast 3 posts a week and when you develop a habit, start posting daily. And as the LinkedIn organic reach is great now. Your post can reach thousands of people daily.

3. Always send connection requests with a message while connecting. It will build goodwill around your name as hardly anyone does this. Also, people will definitely check your profile if you send them a connection message and as your profile is optimised, there are chances that the prospect will message you asking for your services.

I started on Linkedin when I didn’t have money to advertise my services.

No doubt it was the best decision I made.

Not only LinkedIn has helped me build a brand around my name.

It has helped me get lot of high paying clients and speaking gigs.

What’s stopping you from generating leads on LinkedIn?