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Market research is an essential part of expanding your business. But it’s hard to know who to target, and which methods will work best. Market Quotient uses data to identify which customers are most likely to buy from you. This lets you find the customers who are most likely to buy, and focus your efforts on them.

An overview of the importance of market research

Let's look at market research basics-the what, why, when, and how to help you begin solving mysteries.

The best way to find out what market research is is to start with a question. The most effective market research provides answers, so develop your core question before starting your research. Some of the core questions are listed below to help you to get more insights into market research.

  1. How do you determine your potential customers?
  2. Who are your competitors? What products do they offer?
  3. Does your product not appeal to some potential customers?
  4. What motivates your customers to buy your products?


What Is Market Research?


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Market research83 (also called marketing research) is the action or activity of gathering information about market needs and preferences. This helps companies understand their target market — how the audience feels and behaves. There are variations of market research in our lineup that we’ll explore in more detail.

1. Qualitative research

Qualitative market research is the collection of primary or secondary data that is non-numerical in nature, and therefore hard to measure.

Researchers collect this market research type because it can add more depth to the data.

This kind of market research is used to summarise and infer, rather than pin-points an exact truth held by a target market. For example, qualitative market research can be done to find out a new target market’s reaction to a new product to translate the reaction into a clear explanation for the company.

2. Quantitative research

Quantitative research is the collection of primary or secondary data that is numerical in nature, and so can be collected more easily.

Researchers collect this market research type because it can provide historical benchmarking, based on facts and figures evidence.

There are a number of ways to collect this data — polls, surveys, desk research, web statistics, financial records — which can be exploratory in nature without a lot of depth at this stage.

Quantitative market research can create the foundation of knowledge needed by researchers to investigate hypotheses further through qualitative market research.

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Just having a strong gut feeling isn’t a very good reason to launch a product in the market without validating its demand336, develop a marketing strategy404 without knowing the target audience, or just start a business when you don’t even know who your competitors are.

Accurate and thorough information is a prerequisite to a successful business venture because it helps the entrepreneur856 to determine the feasibility of his business before committing much to it.

Market research is what provides him with the relevant data to help him solve the challenges he’ll face during his business tenure.


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