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You can use various ways. Few of the promotional strategies you can use for your book are -

1. Share the table of content of your book (with a link)
2. Make a funny infographic and promote it among your friends. You can create a giveaway stating if you comment 'give me the book', I'll choose two lucky people from the comment section and they will have the author's copy
3. Take a screenshot of a page and use an interesting hook as copy
4. Send your book to a book blogger and ask them about promoting your book and pay her/him
5. Use beta-testing of your book. Send the pdf to 10, 20, 30 people. And ask them for their testimonials
6. Use these testimonials as promotional posts

Hope these will help 🤓
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I remember my first ranking on Google maps. I spent over 3 months trying to rank #1. And guess what? Even after ranking above everyone, I didn't make a single dollar from the listing, LOL. I wondered to myself what the heck had gone wrong, and to be honest with you, I had no idea why it was SO hard to make money off of my Google listing that I had worked so hard for. Recently, I talked to my mentor Paul James and I asked him what he knew about maps. Not only did he tell me what he knew but he actually offered to make a video on my Youtube channel about how he makes $1,000 per client by ranking in Google Maps. Incased you missed the video or don't have time to watch it, here's a quick recap: 1. Find an unclaimed Google My Business 2. Reach out to the business owner and offer them a free fix 3. Use this foot in the door technique to upsell them into $1,000 packages. Now, you may be thinking, how do I upsell them into these $1,000 packages just like Paul does? Well, Paul actually released a special masterclass showing you EXACTLY how to do just that. You can check out his new masterclass right here. During this free masterclass Paul is going to show you: * How to get 10-20 new clients... That are willing to pay high ticket monthly fees. * A step-by-step guide to getting results... (More)
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"Welcome to the party guys and let the game begin! We all are here for learning.
Don't worry if you think what you gonna say is common and everyone must be
knowing. sometimes, we just miss that common thing and it costs us a lot. Unlike
StartupTalky we won't have 100K members here, I will add every new member after
a good verification, so treat it as your family and be open. I do expect atleast
a comment from each one of us on every post. I would love to know how should we
proceed. What I have thought is I will bring one startup and ask the founding
team to create a pitch containing all the details and we will have a discussion
going in the comments. You can provide suggestion, critical and constructive
feedback, ask any question ask anything and everything related to the product or
the industry. It's better if your back anything up with data. Your take?"