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It explains the overall behaviour of a leader. It depends on leader's personality, experience, values, atmosphere where he is leading etc.

On the basis of authority a leader should have, styles are categorised into 3-

Leadership styles
Leadership styles
  1. Autocratic leadership- Here, the leader or the boss or the superior gives orders to all their subordinates and their subordinates have to obey all the orders. There is only one way communication. He can give reward or punishment depending on the performance. It is boss centered leadership.This style is used very often only when there is little time for group decision making.
  2. Laissez- faire leadership-  Here, laissez means- to allow and faire means - to do. Superiors here do not interfere in the activities of the subordinates. Freedom is given to subordinates. Workers do their own task and resolve their own issues. Leader here has a role to support the team and provide them necessary information to complete the task.
  3. Democratic leadership- Here, superior explain its plans to his subordinates and then make decisions with consulting his subordiantes. Leader's respect others opinions. It is all called group centered leadership. This helps in increasing employees morale and superiors supports the employees to accomplish their duties and organisational goals.

HR divisions have a wide region work. The ceHRnter HR capacities are:


One of the fundamental elements of the HR group is to keep up staffing levels: to guarantee the association has the perfect individuals, in the correct activity, at the opportune time. This is a nonstop undertaking that shifts as an association extends. This implies HR staff need to have a firm comprehension of the different jobs inside an association

Representative relations

The soul of any association is its kin. As we've composed on numerous occasions, drew in workers are increasingly gainful and can have a constructive outcome on a business' primary concern. Keeping that in mind, the HR office is there as a contact between the association and workers, to ensure that representatives are stayed informed concerning pertinent data and that they, thus, are spoken to by the HR group in any choices that may affect them.

Work law consistence

For each association, conforming to business enactment is a necessity. From giving positive working conditions to guaranteeing reasonable work rehearses, the HR group is entrusted with keeping an association in accordance with working environment laws. This can frequently be a perplexing and each changing feature of the HR job as enactment can be changed sporadically if new cases or situations become known.

Wellbeing and security

Advancing a sheltered working environment likewise goes under the domain of the HR office. Advancing working environment wellbeing is an important assignment in any association, yet it can frequently tumble to the... (More)

Entrepreneurial management as the name suggests is basically management of a startup company. Entrepreneurial management is treated as a particular concept in management as it is different from managing existing businesses and is all about using management practices and knowledge in establishing, organizing and running business effectively. An entrepreneur after commercing his business need management skills and mindset to grow his business. At early stage of startup an entrepreneur is new to business world and he is only a innovator and risk taker at this time. So he need to develop skills to manage the activities of a growing business and bring change in the world as he had vision. As more and more employees will be added and small business turns into large scale business means that activities will become more complex so here again there is a need for entrepreneurial management. After considering above information here are some advantages of entrepreneurial management as follows :

  1. It helps to grow small to large business in a effective and quick manner 
  2. It provides motivation to entrepreneur as well as employees working in the company as motivation is a important element of management that helps to regain interest in the work. 
  3. It helps in better organizing, staffing and controlling of startup business 

Thus, implementing entrepreneurial management in the company is truly beneficial.