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Making Money
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Making Money

If you want to make more money

If you want to work in tech and make the most money possible, you should be applying to tech giants (think Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google). Simply put, they offer the highest compensation in the industry.

However, for many people, working at a startup will always be preferable to working at a giant corporation. Some people prefer the high risk, high reward potential of owning equity in a startup. Others simply can't work in a non-startup environment.

If you'd rather take a chance at being an early employee at the next Google than being employee 85,000 at a tech giant, or if you just love startups but want to maximize your income

Prakhar SharmaTop Contributor
Social media marketer, Content Writer

Fortunately the milestones needed for a successful financing are 100% aligned with the milestones needed to build a successful company.

Focus is crucial. This one question produces focus, and alignment across all departments. And if answered correctly, it ensures that your startup will survive by not running out of cash. If there is any initiative in the company that doesn’t align with answering this question positively, it very likely shouldn’t belong on the agenda.

This question then leads to a series of other questions, that make it clear what the company has to do, first to survive, and secondly to be successful. Those questions might look like this:

  • What are the milestones needed for a successful fund raise?
  • What are the most important risks in our plan to reach the milestones? What can we do to mitigate those risks?
  • If we are not on track to reach those milestones with the cash available, what can we do to fix that?

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

12 Simple Daily Habits That Make Me Money

1. Smiling & Talking with Strangers

2 Eating healthy food

3. Following up with People

4. Obeying the Truth

5. Going for a walk in the middle of the day

6. Sleeping for 7.5 hours +/- 0.5 hours

7. Listening to music and jamming out

8. Reading a paragraph or passage from a book

9. Randomly calling a friend, you haven't spoken to in a while

10. Sitting in the discomfort with curiosity than instantly seeking the pleasure of comfort

11. Communicate my ideas to the world via LinkedIn and watch who finds them interesting and how they can build on top of each other.

12. Putting out a magnet (content) out there into the world and see who is pulled by it 🧲