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Machine Learning
Machine Learning
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I am Final year law student looking for internship opportunity with startups.

White listing Apigee IP ranges

The requirement is to exploit an on-prem soap service from a cloud hosted micro service through Apigee layer. Why we have chosen Apigee is to simply apply the policies for XML to JSON and vice versa conversion. But Security is a big concern here. How currently the on-prem works is based on IP white-listing, but that's not possible in this case as we should whitelist the Apigee CIDR which again will be another security issue as other applications on the range can access the service.Another possible option we looked at is to route the traffic from Apigee to an HA proxy (This server comes under the service specific subnet) and then to on-prem service, so we only need to white list the ranges where HA proxy resides. We cannot change the on-prem service to accept any ApiKey, so that's also not an option. Is there any better solution do you think can be done to achieve this?

Puru BhatnagarTop Contributor
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Machine Learning or ML is currently is much hype and everyone is making some cool stuffs or want to make some awesome and world changing applications through it.

 There are many applications out there that can help you to do son, without even writing any code, but that's not machine learning, it is something which combines both mathematics and computer science to develop a system or application that can learn through the mistakes it make.

Machine learning involves some complex mathematical functions that can be coded into computer program and can be installed on devices and many complex tasks can be performed.

There are many applications which make use of machine learning algorithm and predicts what will be the output, one such application is weather forecasting which uses complex mathematical functions to generate results for the same.