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Puru BhatnagarTop Contributor
Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Business developer, Marketer

If we look at the logistic industry as a whole, then according to the officials and other startups founder has said that the industry is not impacted as a whole till now.

But if the lockdown continue to exist more longer then there is a chances that the companies would have to suffer a greater loss.

If we look at the logistic startups we can divide it into some categories like the overseas frieght, e-commerce delivery, and trucking part.

All are fighting and looking for a better days ahead.

Since China which is a larget manufacturer is in lockdown right now so logistic startups fears about if their inventoryran out then they might have some problem but till now water has not reached to a limit, everyone is accelring the loss which is incured will be covered by two -three week after lockdown gets open .