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Voted for College degree does not mattets

Education plays a very important role in the everyones life. It is one of the important factor to judge anyone but, is not the only factor with which, you can judge everyone.

Education is the process of acquisition of knowledge, skills, values. It is one of the key to success. But today, people connect it with a 'college degree', which is very wrong. We are having some of the great examples which tells you that, a college degree does not guarantee you a successful career or a successful future.

Some of the examples are:-

1) Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the founder of the biggest software company Microsoft.
Gates left Harvard in 1975 to found Microsoft with Paul Allen. He received an honorary degree from Harvard in 2007 and has since publicly said, “Although I dropped out of college and got lucky pursuing a career in software, getting a degree is a much surer path to success.” The company Microsoft is one, having one trillion dollars valuation.

2) Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is the founder of the world popular smartphone brand, 'Apple'. After just one semester at Reed College, Jobs dropped out of school. In 1976, Jobs, and fellow college dropout Steve Wozniak, built the Apple I in his parents garage. In the year 2000, Apple was on its greatest downfall and was going to be shut down but now, the company is the best smartphone producing brand. Apple Inc. became the world's first company to record a market capitalization... (More)