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How do I start a business easily?
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Step 1: Find a business idea

This is probably the most daunting area for people. In fact, the most common reason why people haven’t started a business on the side is that they “just don’t have a good business idea.”

This is just a mental barrier though — one that you can easily get past if you look at one area: your strengths.

Step 2: Find top-paying clients

Finding clients doesn’t have to be a nightmare of cold calling/emailing. You just have to remember that the vast majority of your competition is downright terrible.

Step 3: Pitch them your work (with scripts!)

The key to reaching out to potential clients and customers is speaking directly to their needs.

It’s basic human psychology. Imagine you’re on a first date and all the other person can talk about is what THEY want and THEIR needs. You’re going to be sneaking out the bathroom window within minutes.

Step 4: Tune the perfect price

Pricing is confusing for every beginner. And it’s fraught with questions like, “Is $XX / hour too much? Is it too little?” or “Should I be charging per hour or by the project?”

Step 5: Invest in yourself

Your goals are going to change once you learn how to start a business.

You might want to earn more money just to supplement your income.

You might want to scale so you can leave your job and work full-time on your hustle.

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