Today I will master Facebook ads💪, tomorrow Google ads💪, then Word press💪, Then let me try Dropshipping💪, Pinterest gives you great traffic, Quora: Oh my god so much traffic...

Wait. 😲

You are a Human.

Everybody talks about skill, reskill, upskill, and learning mindset.

They have their own objectives and motives in doing so. You have your own goals. How do you decide what matters the most?

It is impossible to learn everything and earn millions just by one course or watching a few courses. If somebody is saying it is possible.... smaj jao 😷(katne wala hai)

Where to start?

Step 1: What is that skill you already have? Good at writing? Good at social media graphics? Good at video creation or your voice is attractive for a podcast? Are you good at sales or are you good at writing? Are you located somewhere near a good product source that you can sell using Shopify? are you an owner of small business?

Ask yourself. Find answers. Then note down the answers in a sheet of paper.

Step 2: Focus on the low hanging fruits.

Enhance the skills that you found during the Step one. Buy one course and watch it multiple times. Don't buy multiple courses and watch them once. Start building your assets. It can be website, youtube channel, podcast so on, and so forth.

Step 3: Learn how to sell your skills.

Don't buy courses on how to sell. Just follow all the digital marketing gurus in all... (More)