I think we can learn from how we act in our everyday lives:

I don't know what you are selling, but, what would you do if a complete stranger walks to you and asks you for $1,000 dollars?

Most likely you wont give the money to him...


  • Because you don't trust him.
  • Because you don't know him.
  • Because he doesn't provide you any value in exchange.

What if your best friend in the world asks for the same $1,000?

Most likely you will give it to him.

To sell something ask yourself:

Have you developed any relational equity with your potential client or customer?

So before selling anything... Start delivering value. Build a relationship.

Yes, you may have the abilities to achieve a sale, but will your customers return? Will you survive in the long run?

Learn this: Business that will stay in business for many years to come deposit to their customers BEFORE they even ask for a withdrawal.

Its like a bank... IF you deposit, you have available value to get out of your account.

But you FIRST must deposit.

Create massive amounts of value then make your first sale.

Believe me... It will be the first of many to come!