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Wallet To Wallet Transfer Service

AeronPay is a Digital Payment Platform in India, which allows its users to use Digital Payment Services. It helps people to become "CASHLESS". Here, a unique service for all AeronPay users is "Wallet Transfer".

What is "Wallet Transfer"?

Basically, “Wallet Transfer” is a service where you can transfer your money from one wallet to another wallet at the same time without entering beneficiary details. These transactions are simply done by entering a mobile number. It makes your way of transactions very easy and takes less time.

In the AeronPay, you can transfer your money from your AeronPay wallet to another AeronPay wallet at Zero Cost. Nowadays, all peoples want their transaction journey easy.

Now, we start a unique way of wallet transfer “On-demand”, we allow our customers to transfer their money from "AeronPay wallet to Paytm Wallet" and "AeronPay wallet to Amazon Pay Wallet". We continuously work on the demand of the customers. We will soon be adding some other wallets Like- the Mobikwik wallet, and OLA Money.

This service makes AeronPay different from other e-wallets in the digital payment industry.

Follow the steps to transfer the AeronPay wallet money to another wallet.

Open AeronPay App → Select the “More” option → Select “Wallet Transfer” → Select Transact Wallet → Enter RMN → Enter Amount → Verify Details → Transaction Done!


• Open the AeronPay app on your mobile, at the Home page will find the "More” section.

• When you click on the “More” section, there you will... (More)

Highako Academy
Highako Academy by Highradius
Introducing Highako Academy by Highradius

Highako Academy is the world's first Microlearning and Skill Development platform for Order to Cash and Treasury Teams. With Highako Academy, businesses can build, manage curated learning paths to upskill their credit & collection teams with access to 1000+ expert-led videos and resources.
The Role Based Curriculum has structured training plans & courses for all order to cash job roles - tailored to every level of experience.
Get access to live training sessions and interact with experts in real time.
You can evaluate your learners performance on the latest in demand skills through interactive assessments.
You can also monitor your teams progress with insightful reports, dashboards.

Visit at-


Crowdfunding is one of the newer ways of funding a startup(s). So, some entrepreneurs put up a detailed description of their businesses on a crowdfunding platform. They mention the goals of their businesses, plans for making profits, how much funding they need and for what reasons and then consumers can read about the business(es) and give money if they like the ideas. Anyone can contribute money toward helping a business that they really believe in. Actually, we can say that there are some business ideas that are perfect for crowdfunding: Original tech gadgets; Independent books; Home cooking tools; Local Service businesses; Unique home inventions and etc.


1. Accounts  Payable


Records payable is a business fund 101 term. This speaks to your private venture's commitments to pay obligations owed to banks, providers, and loan bosses. Once in a while alluded to as A/P or AP for short, creditor liabilities can be short or long haul contingent on the sort of credit gave to the business by the loan specialist.


2. Accounts Receivable


Otherwise called A/R (or AR, great theory), accounts receivables is another business fund 101 term that implies the cash owed to your private venture by others for merchandise or administrations rendered. These records are marked as resources since they speak to a legitimate commitment for the client to pay you money for their momentary obligation.


3. Gathering Basis


The gathering premise of bookkeeping is a bookkeeping technique for recording salary when it's really earned and costs when they really happen. Gathering premise bookkeeping is the most widely recognized methodology utilized by bigger organizations to record and keep up money related exchanges.


4. Accumulation


A business fund term and definition alluding to costs that have been brought about yet haven't yet been recorded in the business books. Wages and finance charges are normal models.