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Some of the biggest red flags or rejecting clients is:

🚩 Lack of internal systems at client end. The client's team and their systems need to be sorted. Be it supply end issues, or client communication channels, their needs to be a well laid consistrnt system.

🚩Lack of a clear vision. ' I want to make money' isn't vision. It is barely a sentence.

🚩The business must have a growth mindset. If the client is looking for a cheap option, we cant help. Ofcourse it is our job to reduce cleint acquisition cost, but you need to be open to spending money to achieve your goals.

These are the red flags that you NEED to look out for.

Alwaye aspire for more.

These are things important for a business.

When I start out I didn't know
- Online ads
- Funnels
- Personal branding
- Creating content daily
- Sales
- Networking

These are things important for a business.

I didn't cry or crib. I didn't blame the education system for not teaching me real world stuff. I didn't get depressed

1. Acknowledge the situation. I was broke ( literally) and unskilled. So first order of work, learn and make money. Worked in an agency for a few months. That made me proficient with some aspects of business.

2. Practice. Everything gets easy with practice. So to practice sales, approach more people. To learn ads, run ads. To learn networking, go to events or LinkedIn. To learn personal branding, make a video of yourself.

3. Optimize. Nothing is set in stone. Just because a course says a proposal needs to build in a specific way, it because a guru said use Facebook groups is dynamic. Keep optimizing your ways.

4. Admit that you suck at somethings. It goes a long way.

5. Don't look for a framework. Nothing works and everything works. LinkedIn works for me. It might not for you. Go figure and you do you.

6. Don't let other's success impact you much. If at all, be inspired. I see people make more money than me daily...and all I feel is sheer joy or indifference. If a person is doing something right learn from them, collaborate with them, just DM them, but don't hate on them.... (More)