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Facebook Shops Release Has Been Announced By Zuckerberg

Ofcourse late in the night as per our time zone

💥But this enables many business owners to sell their products online

No more website or landing page is required

💯One can easily set up their shop making it highly useful especially for physical product selling businesses who are suffering more in this pandemic

Making it easy for the buyers and sellers without the need for any other third party as people can directly use their credit card to buy.

‼️But at the same time

🚀Questions are being raised

Is Facebook moving away from its core purpose of connecting people socially?

Allowing people to transact on their platform

🤔What if a store gets deleted in the name of policy violation just like the case of ads or pages?

Share your thoughts


- Free to setup (small transaction fee + aim is to make money from ads) 💰

- Basically turns any page into a storefront 🛍

- Allows shopping and a seamless, consistent experience across both Facebook and Instagram (and eventually WhatsApp and Messenger) 🌍

- Especially great for smaller businesses that can play on the same field as the largest brands 🚀

- As well as Shopify the partnership includes BigCommerce, WooCommerce and several other ecomm service providers 🤝

Check out 👉👉 for video and more details

My Opinion --

  1. They had shop feature before too but it was little complicated now they made it simple and for all and made it little advanced
  2. I think its best for a case where you want to put your best seller catalog not complete store
  3. More or less its just a frontend you will still need CRM like shopify,woocomerce,kwikfunnels to manage your orders and check reports
  4. Facebook will have more control over data this way and more like they are trying to create google shopping catalog for future.
  5. Live Shopping Feature is something interesting where you can advertise your product in real time.
  6. Its more like Modis Covid relief package half backed away from reality with certain good things 

What do you think about this new feature ?