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Painting Drive
Wood Polishing & Painting Company in Mumbai

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I am Paresh Bansod - Founder of


FlatMatch matches you with best suitable flat according to your requirements as
well as with a compatible flatmate based on your personal preferences.

You can check out the app and drop your reviews on the Play Store -

I have built the product from scratch.

Start-up is bootstrapped.

I would more than happy to provide help on following things to fellow

1. Product development

2. Company registration , Trademark , GST and complainces.

"One who knows how to learn knows enough about the world"

Originally posted by Paresh Bansod on Facebook
Hello connections , I have created a Sorting Algorithm Visualizer , this was a
long time thought but finally I made it .
Thank you Clement Mihailescu for motivation.
Project link :

Originally posted by Prakash Pandey on LinkedIn
Yes, it’s really, really fast – but what will travelling on Virgin Hyperloop
feel like? Here is Virgin Hyperloop’s vision of the passenger experience

Posted by Richard Branson on LinkedIn