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8 "p's of Entrepreneurship

concept of entrepreneurship

Stages of Entrepreneurship

1.Strong belief

They are focused and completely believe in themselves.They are strong personalities who know their abilities to achieve goals.

2.A good listener

The future entrepreneur must listen to make the right decisions, to offer the right product in the right place and at the right time.To270 understand one's behaviour , they must have to be empathetic.They have to show some interest in others, by this only they should be able to know the various needs and demands of the consumers.


Entrepreneurs love competing with their competitors as its the only way to achieve their goals.They have to compete with the successful businessman to survive and grow in the market.


They are innovative and want to change their methods by improving their product or getting new ideas.They are passionate, creative and resourceful.

5. Opportunistic

Entrepreneurs are opportunist as they first analyze ,then grabs the best suitable opportunity.Being opportunistic means being open to changes in the market and the environment. 

6.Ready to face failures

Entrepreneurs are ever ready to face the failures.They don't think it is a matter of shame.The most important thing is to understand what did not work, to do better next time.