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A short guide to strategy for successful entrepreneurs.

Most start-ups are founded by first generation entrepreneurs. Even if they do come from a “business family", the family business experience does not prepare them enough for the dynamics of today's business world. Most of them are intelligent and highly capable people for sure, but unfortunately they are in a game where they're clueless about the rules of the game!

Let me try and give you an analogy about starting your new company. Imagine this. The new entrepreneur knows his destination (business goal, success, revenues, market share, etc).

But unfortunately, he is in a completely new country, without any map (or google maps), there are no sign boards, no public transport systems, where the people do not speak any language that he is familiar with; the people are quite suspicious of visitors and probably not very friendly. The place is even more confusing bcoz the weather is totally unpredictable, there are many days at a stretch that you don't get to see the sun or moon to be able to figure out directions.

The new entrepreneur is fully loaded with optimism, knows how to ride his vehicle (his business, new idea or technology) very well, usually better than anyone else, and is well aware that he will be rewarded handsomely when he reaches his designation. Now, can you imagine how ill-equipped the entrepreneur is, when it comes to reaching his destination? He goes around with a lot of enthusiasm in this new... (More)

We want everyone to be successful in their business, but the hard fact is, that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Some entrepreneurs give up because they lose their drive and some because of the immense pressure in dealing with a business. Some become successful business man/ women because they work smarter not harder. A business man know where he/she lacks and accept failure. They make mistakes but solve it themselves. They work for people , for others . Starting a business is a life-changing decision.But it is also a carry serious decision. If you love business and marketing, it will love you back. Just because you want to earn some much money is not going to make you suceesfull or rich. You need motivation to learn and succeed. There is a misconception about starting your own business: you’ll start your business and get rich. There is some truth to it, but if your goal is to just get rich then you’re headed for failure. Your motivation has to go beyond money and time. You have to be really passionate about the product/service that you’re selling and the customers that you’re serving. If your motivations are right then you will have enough energy to sustain the time it takes to become successful. You have to be open to learning various things or any new things that need to be learn. It could be managing a team, networking, managing finances etc. Your ability to quickly master new skills will keep you... (More)

  1. Prioritize the most important task or mission.
  2. Do not multitask, do things in series and complete it.. Be completly focused on the thing that you working for.. Do not multitask. If your sending emails or chatting in a meeting then you should not do a meeting you are not focused on..
  3. Use a post it note to remind you things that should be done early or before time.
  4. Use time tracker to track your productivity in daily should spend some quality time to read about how much work did you do everyday and how much is remaining to be done.. This also shows how much time you have been spending on social media and you tube also.. This type of things also shows the quantity work or activities have been done on regular basis..
  5. Take a break you are not being productive or it's getting boring or uninteresting.. You should relax and Give some time alone.. Give some time to yourself and enjoy your company..
  6. Listen to some peacefully music.. It will help you to calm down and make peacefully mind to work again.. You can also try different genre of music and see what suits you and enjoy..
  7. Use a whiteboard to list all the task and accomplish it within time and mark it done..
  8. Find a consistent place to work and peaceful and best area to get your work done easily.
  9. Keep a minimum regimen of a healthy life.. You should avoid unhealthy habits like smoking or... (More)

TRADITIONALLY, the Entrepreneurship is  defined as the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which typically begins as a small business, such as a startup company, offering a product, process or service for sale or hire. The culture of entrepreneurship are the social norm, values and system in which these entrepreneurial traits are nurtured and promoted. Where as culture and entrepreneurship denotes co integration of entrepreneurship with the culture of the society.