Touted as a global start-up hub, India has seen the rise of over a thousand startups in the previous year. While the start-up life seems to hold great appeal and promise when we read positive media reports on breakthrough innovations, funds raised and soaring valuations, the fact remains that keeping a new venture afloat is a demanding and unrelenting task before it turns into a strong profitable and sustainable business that generates value.

If the idea behind a start-up is innovative, their unique proposition can give them a stronger โ€˜right to winโ€™ in an oversaturated market. However, just having a great idea is never enough! The way you communicate it and the channels through which your product reaches the market spell the difference between flying and failing.

Starting Right is Half the Battle Won

Starting up can seem akin to waging a war sometimes. You need a good game plan to ensure you conquer the market armed with the right marketing tools and a product which offers differentiation to make you stand out.

A well contemplated marketing strategy will help you capture customer attention to reel them in, because oftentimes there are no second chances in the startup battleground.

In the initial days of starting up, building a robust marketing strategy aimed at your target audience will strategically help you build your customer base. While larger organizations can tap into the existing ecosystem which surrounds them with support for strategy building, start-ups can find eCommerce to be a supportive and... (More)