One of the biggest reasons why people fail is because they get into dropshipping with the wrong mindset. Most people are sold a fake dream by someone that tells them they can make $10k in a week or in their first month without any previous experience and they think they are going to create a store, add some products, run a $5/day ad and voila money will fall from the sky. Guys, that's not going to happen and let me tell you the real truth: Dropshipping is a real business and not a get rich quick scheme and if you want to make a quick buck then please don't get into dropshipping. If you want to start dropshipping 1. You need money, you cannot start without any capital and anyone that tells you that you can, then he/she doesn't know what they are talking about and haven't probably ran a successful store before. 2. When you are starting out be ready to fail, your first product is not going to be the winner, your first store is not going to be the best but it's all about testing, learning and keep going. Also follow strategies that are tested and proven to have generated results, don't go around running conversion ads to a cold audience. 3. Keep going, it's not going to happen overnight. Be persistent and keep putting in the work. Now, I am not saying you cannot make money with dropshipping or it can't be profitable, you definitely can,... (More)