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iThemes (previously Better WP Security) provides over 30 different solutions to safeguard and protect your WordPress site. The majority of WordPress administrators are unaware that their sites are susceptible, but iThemes works to secure WordPress, patch common flaws, prevent automated assaults, and enhance user credentials.

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Some web hosting companies do not always work properly with it.
To manually perform specific functions, you may need to alter the htaccess file.

There are 3 pricing plans:
Gold plan - $140 per year
Small business plan - $86 per year
Blogger plan - $56 per year

Who should use ITheme?
Overall, iThemes is an excellent security plugin for all WordPress users. Hobbyists can safeguard their websites for free, but small businesses and owners of more serious websites can upgrade to better protection for a comparatively cheap cost.

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Puru BhatnagarTop Contributor
Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Business developer, Marketer

Lead generation is a difficult task, but it requires a lot of hardwork and dedication to do so.

Before discussing about how to generate lead, it is good to understand what is actually meant by lead.

What is meant by Lead?

Lead is basically a term given to any organisation or any other individuals who is ready to buy the service or product which you are selling.

 Method to generate lead

 1. Create the customer profile

So now you have to first create a customer profile i.e the customer you are targeting too is good or it is financial stable or not.

2. Check about its past responses

You have to check about the customer you are targeting is having a good credibility score or not, if it is then move forward otherwise look for other.


Try each and every techniques to reach out to the customer adopt email marketing techniques or advertisement ways or go provide them discounts option if it looks a positive response.


Puru BhatnagarTop Contributor
Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Business developer, Marketer

Marketing is an essential need of any company, it is a way through which companies tries to gain attention of their targeted audiences.

When marketing team plans out how they would reach out in the market and then they direct sales team to implement those ideas and give results to the company.

Here is the way through which the marketing budget is structured or set:

Set a marketing goal

Decide your marketing goal that is what you want to achieve through this marketing campaign,either you want to launch a new product in the market or you want to extend your product reach or it can be to get more viewers on your blog, so the first step is to decide what's your goal.

Set out your Budget

Once you have decided what's your goal now it is the time to set the budget for that, you can set your budget either on annually basis or quarterly basis, or half yearly basis.

That all depend upon how you want to execute your plan, whether you want to invest quarterly and want to see the results or you want to first invest one whole dedicated year and then look at the results and move further.

Decide how to market

Once you have decide the above component now it is the time to decide which marketing medium to choose, generally such thing is decided after analyzing the market and your targeted customer segment.

You can either go for digital marketing or offline marketing.... (More)