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Can Hexomatic scrape websites & web apps for security vulnerabilities?

I'd like to find outdated libraries, packages, frameworks, etc.

Originally posted by Hexometer, Hexowatch & Hexomatic Users Group on Facebook
As I having my breakfast, I enjoy overhearing a father giving his son an advice,
(tolits mode) who appears to be an attorney based on his dress.

I love the moment! I love seeing them and listening like a second son on the
other table.

My father passed away too ealry for me to have a memories like that, therefore I
have to figure out the majority of what I have right now all by myself.

If my father were still alive and continuing giving me life advice, I'm sure I'd
be a better person.

btw masarap ung kare kare ng cafe bonjour! Goodmorning!

Originally posted by Stephel George Maca on Facebook
Does anybody can share new product launch checklist ?

Originally posted by SaaS Founders - Build & Scale 🚀 on Facebook
Here are some common recurring themes of LTDs

1. Save xxx hours by using our product
2. Alternative to …….
3. Prices increase from ….. or time will run out
4. Tier 1 buyer hobbyist. Tier 2 actual user Tier 3 and above traders or serious
5. AI seems to be part of everything and now the names also have AI.
6. There are different categories of resellers Large Portfolio, forgotten shelf,
active traders, strayed by mistake, specific use guys
7. Sometimes LTDs reappear taking the wind out of resale deals
8. Gmail accounts are proliferating just so that account can be sold with email.
9. Recommendations need to be taken with a pinch of salt.
10. Significant part of LTDs are never used or become practically useless
11. FB groups are also now creating their own LTD sales and each FB group has
its own set of multiple admins and influencers
12. Appsumo and their like are building their own products. It’s like they know
what’s selling and build their own products
13. Freebies still work…

Just some thoughts on a weekend. Please feel free

Originally posted by SaasWarrior on Facebook