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Creating Video
Top Video On Demand Platform Providers List in 2022
Consider your daily routine: how many video-on-demand platforms do you subscribe to, and how many more can you think of?

The real-time streaming of video and audio content, combined with the entry of major players into countries all over the world, has skyrocketed the market value for video on demand solutions.

When compared to static revenue folds, interactive video viewing is bound to generate twice as much revenue. With this interactivity, such as sharing in social hubs, various quizzes, and so on, businesses are now able to produce at par lead generation that provides real value!

What is Video on Demand?

VOD is an abbreviation for Video On Demand, which is purely streamed online using immersive TV technology.

Essentially, this enables users to access their convenient content, which your customers can watch in real-time or download for later streaming.

let’s talk about the popular video on demand solution providers worth every buck spent to build your video on demand website.

1: VPlayed
2: Contus VPlay
3: Vixy Video
4: Panopto
5: Kaltura
6: Vimeo
7: Wowza

Source: Best 12 VOD Platform Providers in 2022
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Creating Video
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Creating Video
Best VOD Platforms For Starting A Video On Demand Business In 2022
Creating Video

It's the little details that matter, which show through if you put in enough time to notice.

For example, on creating iPhone videos to market your business:

- You cannot switch from front to rear camera while filming with the camera. So you either have to use another app or manually flip the phone in your hand.

- You can reply with video in Gmail by hitting the attachment icon and then photos icon. Way more powerful than text replies.

- Sound quality is WAY more important than video quality to keep people watching your videos. If you have an iPhone and a regular lavalier mic, you need a TRS to TRRS adaptor (2 lines to 3 lines on the plug) and a TRRS to lighting adaptor. I use the Rode Wireless Go and have to buy these two gadgets, which don't come in the box.

- You can comment on a Facebook post with a video, but you can't do this on LinkedIn-- only a picture.

- You have 15 seconds to reply in Facebook Messenger, so learn how to keep it short-- or make multiple 15 second replies.

- You can share your phone screen if you're a presenter in a Zoom call. And everything works great (just like if you're projecting to Apple TV), except when you're recording video-- since the two interfere with each other. So pre-record your videos (stored in your favorite app) or switch to desktop webcam to show you using your phone.

- Google Photos app is super slow in uploading your videos from your photos library on your phone.... (More)