For example, on creating iPhone videos to market your business:

- You cannot switch from front to rear camera while filming with the camera. So you either have to use another app or manually flip the phone in your hand.

- You can reply with video in Gmail by hitting the attachment icon and then photos icon. Way more powerful than text replies.

- Sound quality is WAY more important than video quality to keep people watching your videos. If you have an iPhone and a regular lavalier mic, you need a TRS to TRRS adaptor (2 lines to 3 lines on the plug) and a TRRS to lighting adaptor. I use the Rode Wireless Go and have to buy these two gadgets, which don't come in the box.

- You can comment on a Facebook post with a video, but you can't do this on LinkedIn-- only a picture.

- You have 15 seconds to reply in Facebook Messenger, so learn how to keep it short-- or make multiple 15 second replies.

- You can share your phone screen if you're a presenter in a Zoom call. And everything works great (just like if you're projecting to Apple TV), except when you're recording video-- since the two interfere with each other. So pre-record your videos (stored in your favorite app) or switch to desktop webcam to show you using your phone.

- Google Photos app is super slow in uploading your videos from your photos library on your phone.... (More)