Here is what I do to build a Swipe File Library. 1) Every Ad that I come across that resonates with me, I copy its caption and headline and store it in my Keep notes. 2) Then I click on this ad and go to the optin page and screenshot the whole thing. 3) Now, I opt in with an email id that I have specifically created to build my email swipe file... That means, Every Masterclass or Free straining or even paid training that I opt into, I do it with this email id... So I get all the indoctrination/follow up/upsell/soap opera sequences that others are using. 4) I also make sure to save the Optin/Sales/ThankYou Pages in separate folders so I can access it anytime to get more copy and structure ideas. 5) 2-3 times a week, I visit the ad library just to get a little sneak peek of what kind of ads are being run by Frank Kern and other leaders in the industry. And I save them too in my keep notes or dedicated word documents. 6) Last but not the least, I also encourage my team to do these things so it's not just one man's effort. We keep building it so we can always go a step further and create kick-ass copy. Remember: It doesn't matter how you do it. what's Important is that you do it. Build the habit of interacting with the ads and also documenting every step that is involved... (More)