The common notion is that they are the same. No, they are most definitely not the same. It’s exactly like the difference between oranges and tangerines.

But first, let’s get the basics straight!

#Copywriting is the art of selling people on an idea, brand, or ideology.

#ContentWriting is the art of creating content to inform, educate, or entertain.

Coming to the differentiation, the greatest distinction lies in its purpose. Copywriting is selling your personas on your brand; content writing is subtly telling them about it while delivering valuable content.

Again, Content and copywriting without one another is a waste of good content and copy

There are some blogs and social channels out there with seriously good content, yet few readers. If you’re putting up great stuff that people would love, but you’re not finding the traffic and engagement you want, the problem probably lies in ineffective copywriting.

So what accounts for effective copywriting and great content that accompanies

- Great Headlines

-Valuable content such as benefits in the body copy

-Establishing trust with social proofs

-Clear and defined CTA

Combine both and achieve stellar results.